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September 25, 2017
Making that decision to go
November 30, 2018
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I feel more prepared and not ashamed

The past two weeks I have been at The Watershed Rehab in Boynton,FL for alcoholism. Boy that was a tough statement to make.

Alcoholism is a disease of the mind and body that has plagued my family for far too long. I do not doubt that one or both of my parents would still be here if it weren’t for alcohol.

I am so thankful for the staff at The Watershed Rehab and for all of the women I met there who have encouraged me.

Although  I will be an alcoholic the rest of my life, I feel more prepared and not ashamed to do whatever it takes to maintain my sobriety.

Before I was discharged I was set up with an outpatient clinic and my First AA Meeting all starting Monday.

I have lots of people to make amends to and hopefully will be able to in God’s time.


Soberly yours,

Jennifer R.