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August 1, 2017
Watershed Review: Michaels Experience
August 3, 2017
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Watershed Recovery: Sheena’s Experience

My name is Sheena and I attended The Watershed 7 times. I am a Meth, Xanax and Heroin addict who uses intravenously. I came to The Watershed beaten and broken down by life and with no intentions on wanting to live anymore who trusted no one. I never thought that I’d meet someone who truly cared about me or love me or my well-being. All I wanted to do was die. The Watershed welcomed me with open arms and so did the people, I’ve been to the Florida and Texas rehabs and they are both like family. The groups are an in your face call u on your bullshit emotional roller coasters and they do work!  The techs and alumni department really do care and want you there you just gotta work the program. I am really blessed God gave me the chance to be a part of The Watershed family!


Sheena A., Clean & Sober since 07/05/2017