An Anonymously Proud Mother
June 8, 2017
Giving Back To My Friends
June 19, 2017
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I’m Helen E,

Brittany’s grandmother. Brittany was an alcoholic for a few years and the day I called Watershed, she had gotten really bad. A visiting nurse gave me the number and when I called, I talked with Jack. Things happened really fast and by 4:00 PM that day, Brittany was on her way to Fl. She was there for 3 weeks. When she was flying home, she was notified, by her brother, that her Mom was involved in a car accident. She didn’t know at first how bad it was. Her connecting flight was delayed and at that time she was told her Mother was in critical condition. She wanted a drink so badly and had every opportunity to go in a bar at the airport and drink, but she didn’t. Through the year that her Mom was recuperating, Brittany wanted to drink but didn’t. She has shown what a strong person she is and last month received her 1 year medal for being sober. She took care of her Mom every day after she came home from work. Her Mother was in hospital 116 days and Brittany was there every day. I’m so very proud of her and I know she will continue to be sober.

Helen E, Grandmother to Brittany B., Clean & Sober since 05/10/2016