Not Going Backwards
May 8, 2017
Lowest of The Low
May 15, 2017
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A Young Mans Journey

I’m not sure what was different this time for getting clean and sober. I had been at The Shed a couple months prior to August. But this time, I reached out to you guys. I called when I was wondering the streets and The Watershed was THE ONLY thing/people (persons) that was willing to help me, I ruined everything with everyone else that had cared about me. Everything about it always helped even though I did resist the help at the beginning from running away and Deb the tech from detox got in her car and found me. Then leaving halfway, okay I did go about leaving the wrong way but so far I can’t say I regret it because I’m still doing fantastic (I don’t plan on that changing). It sounds kind of funny but I can be a teenager again now. I get to finish school, get my license, keep a job. I never did from being sent to juvey at 13-17 then being in a blur about what I want to be in life. More importantly, I don’t have to go from house to house where I never really liked to be at anyways, to almost burning down my grandparents’ home (my home), to missing holidays, to not being motivated, I don’t have to miss out on real life anymore. I guess you could kind of say I just want to have a normal life now. I’d like to become a motivational speaker speaking to youth in detention centers, residential homes on sex trafficking, drug abuse, young mothers struggling with support. I just want to be able to help now.

Thank you Watershed, you all helped me when I was down and gave me the strength to become this person I am today.

Tyler C., Clean & Sober since 06/26/2016