Seven Years Of Sobriety
May 1, 2017
Lo and Behold I’m Sober
May 4, 2017
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The Watershed Texas Experience

My name is Carleton I am 52 and have been drinking since I was 17.  I have been in and out of several out- patient treatment programs the past 20 years. I made a decision to enter an inpatient program several weeks ago.  I live in Clearlake, TX and as fate would have it The Watershed was 4 miles from my home.  I called and was admitted in 2 days.

Upon entering the facility at noon I immediately was given medical treatment, detox prescriptions, and a room to relax and begin detox. After detox all the other patients were very friendly. I was surprised they were from all over the country from Washington State to New Jersey. I asked them for God’s sake there is no facility closer to where you live? They stated there were so many good references for The Watershed.

I had 24 hour access to the nursing staff, and 24 hour access to the well-stocked food pantry and refrigerators filled with everything to satisfy anyone’s cravings. The meals were outstanding with your choice of selections from the menu with restaurant quality entrees.

In closing I want to personally thank the staff for making my stay very personal as I will always remember my stay there. As I have only been back at home a short while I have no intention of drinking alcohol and can only thank The Watershed for feeling so refreshed and rejuvenated upon leaving.

Carleton C., Clean & Sober since 04/19/2017