To All Struggling
March 31, 2017
Watershed Recovery: Garretts Story
April 14, 2017
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Hi, my name is Pat, our family story has been a long road with my Grandson. He started HIS long journey as a 7th grader. Many factors led him to become an addict. He went through many months of rehab starting his last month as a senior in high school including about 7 months in Argentina. The difference I feel is NOW he wants to get better! Before WE wanted him to get better. The last and final time I’m praying!!

We found The Watershed! My grandson was going through a bad time we were at a crossroad of finding help. Been there done that! Had a preacher in our church preach on Devine’s intervention! I began praying for Devine’s Intervention! One day I saw an advertisement on TV for Watershed! Told his mother “try this place, they could take him immediately.” A day later he was on his way to Florida!!  Was impressed with the group phone calls contact with counselors, was very impressed with the care! Never saw the Advertisement on TV again! God is in control of our lives, sometime we have to go through things to come out better!! Thank you!!

Pat T. Grandfather of Spencer V., Clean & Sober since 11/17/2016