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March 7, 2017
Getting Sober On My Birthday
March 7, 2017
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Truly Living A New Life

Hi I’m Leo and I’m an Alcoholic and an Addict. My sobriety date is 4/20/2016 and I honestly could not be happier with what life has become since that day. I came to The Watershed a little boy molded by what the world told me to be and by what drugs and alcohol told me to do, however through this program, working with my sponsor, and by connecting with a Higher Power of my understanding, I have transformed into the old Leo before drugs and alcohol. My mom no longer has to live in fear of answering a phone call from my phone number wondering if it’s a cop or emergency room contacting her to let her know I’m in the hospital or even worse. I can function as a normal adult and not have to live with that constant worry of whether or not I’ll be able to get high or have alcohol for the night. I truly am living a new life, free, happy, and sober.


Leonard H., Clean & Sober since 04/20/2016