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October 11, 2016
A Special Alumnus Thanks
October 13, 2016
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Memories and Hardships

I was admitted to The Watershed Texas facility on August 8th, 2016-mind you this was my third time at The Watershed. Why you may ask? For the care and compassion you receive from the nurses, staff, community, & more. I came to The Watershed for my drinking became my demise once again, I had no control over my actions to drink, my emotions were an open flood gate, and my will to live practically none-existent. The Watershed had helped me in more ways than I thought possible- that is why I returned. The tools I learned were none-existent, I just chose to ignore them which lead to my relapse. Underlying issues I had no control over- The Watershed was my life coach. They helped me face my demons, allowed me to open up, and helped me find solutions to my current life issues. The community was my family and still is. People facing the same issues, relating to one another, and opening the eyes of addicts that “WE” are not alone. I will never forget the memories and hardships we shared. I was taught how to live and love myself again along with building many coping skills, self-esteem, relapse prevention, accepting the things I cannot change, and moving in a positive direction. The Watershed helped set everything up for my home Healthcare plan so I was prepared for the outside world again upon my completion of the program. The step down program I believe is the best way to ease back into a healthy/normal life style and preparation for your future building the skills to adapt once you leave the program. Most importantly The Watershed taught me “It Works If You Work It” if I follow the suggestions given, help others to help myself I can be successful in sobriety and accomplish lifelong goals and dreams. To anyone facing these underlying issues of addiction I would 100% recommend to seek help at The Watershed, you will be given the what I received-love, happiness, wisdom, & peace of mind along with sober support/ and community.

Nicholas H. Clean & Sober since 08/08/2016