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August 16, 2016
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August 22, 2016
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Transformation is Session

The Watershed saved my life. It helped transform me into a more loving, compassionate woman. The seed was planted at Watershed during my stay there. I continue to grow as I attend AA meetings regularly.  The Watershed will forever be in my heart. I met a lot of wonderful people there. If you can, please tell Brad I think of him often and learned a lot from him. Dr. W. was awesome too. He changed my medicine and that changed my life. The tech’s were great too. Mike was a tough one at Boca, but he too helped me peel away layers of myself that was not serving me well. We did not like each other at first. Not one bit. Once he found out I was detoxing off of benzos he eased up off my butt.  I grew to think highly of him. Well, enough said.

P.S. Rhonda was great too. She taught a class that opened my eyes to my selfish ways and I cried over how I treated my husband. We are doing great btw.  Thanks again. 5 months sober in Tennessee.

Marilyn T.