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September 10, 2015
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September 15, 2015
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Living In A New Light

Being at Watershed introduced me to myself while I was in darkness. I was lonely, confused and could not fathom the thought of being struck with the deadly disease of alcoholism. While at The Watershed I had a lot of counseling, peer, support and and an environment that encompassed a world that was a tribe of folks “just like me.” It took numerous efforts and a tenacious husband to help me see that I am OK and as long as I allowed The Watershed’s mission to come inside I could be on my way to a better life. I began in 2009 drinking heavily, but the disease was there all along. It just had different outfits! I am proud of who I have become. Treatment isn’t easy. I can’t sugar coat that, but after its over with what you’ve been advised through The Watershed’s program there is an “easier softer way.” If you need help call. You’ll live a lot longer and happier “today”.

Melanie C. Clean & Sober since 09/01/2012