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September 29, 2014
October 2, 2014
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The Cornerstone

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Read by: Rebecca Balko
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Most of us go through our lives desiring to do the right things by: taking care of our responsibilities; accomplishing goals we set for ourselves or those set for us by others; caring for our families; contributing to our communities; doing well at our jobs and so on. Yet, although we desire to do these things, (with or without success), often our exterior may look fairly well, while in truth, our personal journey can often feel very much like hauling around a bag of rocks that rests heavily upon our backs. Inside of this bag, each rock represents various pains such as guilt, shame, remorse, regrets, worry, anger, fear, pride, secret hurts, broken relationships, shattered dreams and so much more – ALL heavy and burdensome. Indeed this bag has weighed upon our hearts, our minds and our very souls…drastically hindering any lasting or internal progress. These rocks created a constant feeling of being pulled down and at times, of drowning in a relentless sea of hopelessness, creating an often debilitating fear of being overcome by the weight of it all, as if even one more thing would surly crush our very existence.

The solutions that we come up with on our own, are often derived from a sickened state of delusional thinking to have just one more drink…one more drug…one more game to gamble on…one more binge and purge…one more purchase that we can’t afford…one more reckless relationship…one more hour blocking life out by immersing ourselves on the internet, watching TV or playing video games – rather than using that precious time talking to and enjoying our children, spouse, friends and living life… the list can go on. Each time believing that THIS TIME our solution would make our bag of rocks become a little lighter or perhaps even go away all together. Ultimately though, the truth found was that with each drink, each drug, each gamble, each bite, each purchase, each escape, etc…we added another rock to our personal bag of burdens and continued to spiral downward.

Today however, there is good news in that, there lies before each man and woman – a choice to live a NEW LIFE! One in which the bag of rocks can be forever left behind, because we are no longer alone in this journey. Around all of us, (no matter where we live), there are communities of all kinds, filled with people who desire to travel this journey of life “together” rather than alone. By connecting with other people we find that the load is made easier when shared with another. Not only this, but there is a God who is more than willing to remove that bag of burdens from our backs and replace it with a single rock, for us to instead place as our life’s cornerstone.

Do you know what a cornerstone is or its significance?

The cornerstone is also known as the “foundation stone”. It is the first stone that is placed in the construction of a masonry foundation. It’s important because all of the other stones will be set in place from it and ultimately establish the position of the entire structure that is being built. You will often find that the cornerstone of certain buildings will have some sort of engraving upon them which signify its importance and stand as a point of remembrance.

The beauty of this life is that as long as we are breathing air, we always have the right, the ability and the means by which to change…all that is needed to put it in motion is our willingness to stop trying to run the show by ourselves and do something different. TODAY can be that day…the day to lay down that bag of rocks you’ve been hauling around and replace it with a single rock – that will represent the cornerstone upon which you desire to construct this new life. Your cornerstone may be God, your child, your spouse, Hope, Freedom, Family, Love or anything else…it is for YOU to decide. I will suggest that you obtain a smooth stone, and write upon it what you’ve chosen – to motivate you, strengthen you and remind you daily why and upon what, you are building your new life. Then place it somewhere significant and visible to you daily, as a symbolic cornerstone, a point of remembrance to serve as a motivation to continue this new course and to commemorate this new and wonderful journey you have begun.

©2014 Rebecca Balko

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