My Watershed Family

In the last year prior to coming to The Watershed, I was at the worst of my addiction. I had completely isolated myself from the public. I quit my job, I stopped communication with friends. I increased my alcohol/opiate usage. I became ill, stopped all physical activity. I drank 24/7, gained 65 pounds, and was completely ashamed of myself. I was not leaving the house, so I only would stay in contact with one person in which whom I would pay to pick my pills/alcohol, I was depressed, sad, alone, and angry. I decided I needed help and called The Watershed, since coming to the watershed I have learned so much. I continued to learn everyday, I’ve learned about myself, including what I thought I already knew about myself. I’ve been in the program just under 90 days and for the first time in a very long time I am truly happy. I’m eating healthy again, I’m going to the gym, I’m going to the beach, I’m having fun! I’m working again, getting out of the house. I’m going to meeting and most of all I’m sober!

I’m learning and practicing being humble, being patient, and of, course being the me I remember! I know The Watershed is where I need to be at this time in my life. I need to have accountability in my life. Here I have more support than I ever thought possible. Here I have friends. Here I have people who understand me and my disease. Here I have family!

Laurenl C., Clean & Sober since 04/12/2014

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Sober, Happy and Healthy

Before I decided to get help, my life was out of control to say the least.

I was out of work and just living for my next high. No direction, no way to stop, and not knowing if there was a way to stop and live without drugs and alcohol.

Since I have decided to get help and came to The Watershed my life has greatly improved.

The people at The Watershed are wonderful. They taught about my addiction and that I can stop and stay stopped. I was given the tools and education I needed to go on and make something of my life, that I did not need drugs or alcohol in life, that I am somebody and by making of few simple changes in my life and living with a clean mind and spirit. I can and will live a happy, healthy life.

Thank you Watershed

Stephen B., Clean & Sober since 08/22/2013

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