There Is a Solution

For this son of mine was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.

I came to The Watershed on 5/23/2016 because of a drug problem. However, upon working with my therapists, going to meetings, working the 12-steps, and hearing from other recovering addicts with sobriety time, I came to accept that it wasn’t just a drug problem, but a disease called addiction. It was through The Watershed that was able to be honest with myself and see that once I start that first drink or drug, I lose control over the amount and ability to stop. Personally for me, The Watershed helped me realize two things. It helped me understand, that “I AM AN ADDICT” and also that “THERE IS A SOLUTION”. I’m thankful for everyone at The Watershed, from the kitchen staff to the Techs, from the nurses to the bus drivers, from the therapists to the janitors, and from the administration to the doctors.  My life today is the best it’s been in years. I just got rehired at my job as a registered nurse. I’m spending more time with my family and children and I also have an opportunity to grow spiritually. I have to remember why I have such a good life now. It’s because I’m still working a solid program of recovery, one day at a time.

Olamide B., Clean & Sober since 05/23/2016

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Personal Fears After Rehab

My name is Cathy B.  I voluntarily agreed to go to The Watershed in May-June 2015 after progressing to a raging alcoholic drinking two quarts of vodka daily.  There I received a medical detox followed by an introduction to the twelve step program of Alcoholics Anonymous.  I had many personal fears after leaving rehab about my ability to continue to do the things I needed to do to maintain my sobriety.

I can happily say that as of July 14, 2016 I have achieved one year sobriety!  Everything that I was taught and told at The Watershed was true and accurate.  I have gone from attending two AA meetings a day to one a day.  I proudly chair different meetings in an effort to “give back”.  I have not yet sponsored a fellow member, but I know that I will when the timing is right.

I cannot properly express in words how grateful I am to The Watershed and its staff for getting me sober and on the right path.  I am 63 years old and for the first time in a very long time I am happy in life!  Just like anything in life, the best things in life are earned.  If you do the work, you will reap the rewards.

Good luck to all participants.  You are strong!  Believe in yourself.

Cathy B., Clean & Sober since 05/18/2015

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