A New Way Of Life: Jessica C

My name is Jessica, I’m an alcoholic and an addict. I came down here to Florida in late July. When I was in detox, my plan was to stay here for 30 days and my intentions weren’t to stay sober. I ended up getting convinced to give The Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) a try, but I gave staff an ultimatum that I was going to participate for 7 days, and then I was getting on a plane and going home. I knew deep in my heart that I didn’t want to go home, I was deeply troubled with what I wanted to do. I ended up giving Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP7) a try, and on my first pass I got two jobs! I ended up working one of the jobs for about three months. Although I was giving the program a try, I wasn’t here for myself. I was here to please my family, my intentions weren’t to work a program, or get a sponsor, follow suggestions or surrender to the program. But after I was stable, and had more freedom going through the program, I ended up relapsing, twice. People could have called me ‘Captain Recovery.’ I didn’t take my recovery seriously each time I came through. Coming through this program, I didn’t realize the severity of me being the problem, and drugs and alcohol being my solution. I focused on everything but myself, and in the end, it got me high and drunk. This time coming, through I’m genuinely working on myself, staying in Florida for me, and trying to follow all the suggestions that are given to me. I can say that I’m the happiest I’ve been since I’ve been down here because I’m doing this for me, working an honest program and genuinely trying this time around. Even though I struggle on a day to day basis, I know that I’m in the best position I’ve ever been in because I’m finally doing the first thing and working on myself. Before I could even see the change in my self the promises started swarming into my life, and that just shows me that I’m applying myself and doing the right thing. Staying down here in Florida, in treatment was the best decision I’ve ever made for myself!

Jessica C., Clean & Sober since 11/24/2014

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Miracles Happen

Hi my name is Carey D. I started using when I was 10 years old. I came from an alcoholic home. It wasn’t until I found recovery that I learned I had the disease of addition. Like all diseases, it requires help to recover. When I was at The Watershed I was guided in the right direction. The willingness to change be came greater than the pain of living the way I was living. A Desire is the only thing required. Without it, I faced jails, institutions, and death. With it miracles happen.

Carey D., Clean & Sober since 05/20/2014

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