From Misery to Joy

When I arrived at The Watershed I was in a state of misery.  I was severely depressed, had no vision of my future, and had no goals…..NOTHING!  I was a shell of who I used to be.

My life used to be great!  I had a great childhood, have a wonderful family, went to college and got my degree, ran a very successful business for 10 years with my (now) ex-spouse, raised a wonderful son.  I had it all.  That was until drugs took my life over.  It all started with a doctor whom gave me increased doses of pills month by month.  I thought he was the greatest!  Fast forward 12 years and I found myself sitting in my condo with a needle in my arm shooting dope. I needed help!

The Watershed was my second treatment center/program that I went through.  I didn’t really want to be there at first.  I was counting minutes going by, focusing on my discharge date.  This just made the time go by even slower.  After a few days of this, I began to feel better, my head was becoming clearer, and the dark cloud of depression was lifting.  By day 10, I was in a great mood, thinking about the future more, setting goals for myself and overall just feeling like I was alive and re-born.

As the days went on, the cravings and thoughts of shooting dope became more manageable.  It seemed like each day that went by put that much more room between me and the drugs.  Having a wonderful people was a true blessing.  Talking to many of the staff one on one gave me such a great feeling.  I really felt and believe they cared about me, and this was a feeling I lacked for many years. I went to almost every group, but continued to make it a point to “pick their brains” when it came to recovery.  Hearing their experience, relating to what they say, and just feeling good about myself after a talk was probably the biggest factor when it came to my early recovery while in The Watershed.

But it didn’t stop when I was discharged – in the first 2 days after discharge both me and my parents received several phone calls checking in on me and asking if I had any issues or questions that need to be addressed.  Very impressive, especially my Adjunct Therapist Ayesha called.  I felt she really, from the bottom of her heart, truly cared about me and loved me as a “brother in recovery”.

I can’t wait to get involved with the Alumni program.  I live just 45 minutes away and I will most definitely be back on a regular schedule to share my experience and hopefully       help another addict that is in early recovery.

Thank you to The Watershed!  I thank you a million times for all of the help you gave me. I thank you for the tools that I will need to work a good 12-step program.  I thank you for the great food!!!  And most importantly, I thank you for saving my life…

James F. Clean & Sober since 12/21/2014

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A Review on The Watershed Detox

Before I came to The Watershed I was scared and felt alone. My father had enough of my BS. I went to three different detox center’s and one rehab center and I never stay sober when I got home because they were for me I was going for him. He called the police officers on me and I saw how badly I hurt him this time, I decide it was time to change. I called my mother and told her I needed help and she made the call to the shed. The shed helped me detox and I knew I need a sponsor from going to meetings and seeing people happy and free from alcoholism. I did the 12-steps, found my high power (God) and I’ve been sober since August 26, 2013.

Andrew C. Clean & Sober since

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