Breath of Fresh Air

I am a twenty three year old man who has wasted the better part of his adult life in the throws of heroin addiction. The person I see in the mirror today is unrecognizable next to the person I had resigned myself to die as. I no longer feel the weight of my lies crushing the breath from my chest when I wake up. No more do I self sabotage my opportunities and potential to commit a slow suicide. Today I can breathe easy and sleep at night. I owe this relief to The Watershed and its staff but more so to the community of other recovering addicts around me. They are the real reason I don’t feel the urge to go back to the way I was before I decided to come to this sanctuary for the hopeless that continues to make a difference for me every day.

Logan B. Clean & Sober since 01/08/2015

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Patience & Compassion Is My Solution

My life was a complete disaster prior to admitting myself to The Watershed. I had lost everything that had ever meant anything in my life because of my addiction. I destroyed my relationships with the ones I loved through dishonesty, manipulation, and thievery. Everything I saw in people I looked up to was the exact opposite of what I had become. I compromised every single value and principle I sought to live by. I hated the man in the mirror and didn’t care if I lived or died. I was an unreliable, sinister, scheming and selfish individual. I would wake up sick every morning, and did whatever it took, not caring who got hurt in the process. However, the one I hurt the most was myself and I had to change something so I decided to call The Watershed and head down to Florida.

Life now is so worth living for. I don’t have to wake up sick or feel the guilt and shame that used to come with the deeds I did to get high. I was never grateful for anything when I was using except for the drugs when I got them. Now I’m grateful to be alive and be a positive member in the community and to my loved ones. It’s funny how when you can see clearly, gratitude is such a huge part of your life. You realize it’s not about the material things but about the intangible things like service, bringing other people up when they’re down and love. I never thought I could be happy and sober at the same time but through the help of The Watershed and the 12 steps, I have obtained something I thought was unobtainable. Granted I don’t have everything I want but it’s not about what I want it’s about what I need and God has me where he wants me to be and where I should be. Everything happens in due time and my faith is stronger than my will.

My experience at The Watershed is something that I wouldn’t trade for anything in this world. When I first walked into the doors at Boynton, I was scared, tired and sick. I had nothing to live for and the guilt and shame weighed on me like elephant sitting on my chest. I didn’t want to talk to anyone because they didn’t know me or what I had been through. How were these people going to save me? I gave it a chance though because I knew I failed to do it by myself thousands of times and if I could have done it by myself, I would have. So I started to open up and started taking the advice therapists, facilitators and techs were giving me because hey if it didn’t work at least I knew that I could prove them wrong. As I started to open up in groups, therapy and the community, I saw the guilt and shame starting to diminish. The community is the best thing about The Watershed because they understand everything your going through and won’t judge you like normal people would because they have the same perspective as you. I went to The Watershed with a handful of so-called “friends” but left with a family that comes from all over the country back down in Florida. I’m so thankful to The Watershed and it’s staff for their patience, compassion, and love for all their patients.

Matthew W., Clean & Sober since 03/14/2015

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