A New Mothers Journey Through Recovery

My name is Taylor and I was admitted into The Watershed on October 16th, 2012 at 19 years old. Upon arriving at detox, I had hit my rock bottom, claiming drugs and alcohol as my master and contemplating suicide. I knew in the back of my mind that I could not go on alone and needed help in order to recover and live a promising life. I did not know the extent to my disease until I was faced with the chance that I would have possible brain damage. Confided to a wheelchair for the first week of my detox, I soon began to see what damage I had caused to myself.

The Watershed helped me get through the death of my grandfather, who passed two days after I arrived. The therapists were so welcoming and the staff was always there to make sure I was comfortable and had a shoulder to lean on when I needed it. Though a lot of the things we do at The Watershed seemed strenuous, this being my first time in rehab, it is all a vital part of learning about this disease and how we can manage our lives and recover from a hopeless state of mind and body.

I was introduced to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) for the first time when I was at The Watershed and it saved my life! Through meetings brought in to The Watershed through H&I, I was introduced to wonderful women who were so willing to help me overcome past issues, character defects, resentments and how to live a life beyond my wildest dreams.

Now having two and half years clean, I never would have thought that a life beyond my wildest dreams would not be all about materialistic things. Has it been hard? Absolutely. Life shows up, but with the help of The Watershed, I have learned how to get through these hard times without having the thought of returning to my old life. Instead, I can help another addict or alcoholic and give to them what was so freely given to me.

Today, I am able to be a great friend, daughter, sister and most importantly, a wonderful Mother. Having a child in sobriety is the biggest blessing of all because they do not have to ever see their mother living their life not sober. Out of all these blessings I have today, one that I cherish the most is that I am finally comfortable in my own skin and can be a strong woman in this program.

I will forever be grateful for The Watershed!

Taylor S., Clean & Sober since 10/16/2012

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A Life Worth Living

Before arriving at The Watershed, my life was full of anxiety, pain, and fear. I was completely void of any type of spirituality. I considered myself an atheist, full of false pride. I desperately tried to paint a picture of happiness, stability, and success; all the while suffering alone when no one was around. It was exhausting having to hide my addiction from the people that loved me the most. I did not care what happened to me, nor did I care for the friends and family in my life. I often welcomed death, thinking it was the best option for me.

Today I have peace of mind. I have friends that I cannot replace. The support and love that I have encountered during my four months in the program is priceless. I am happy. I pray everyday to a higher power of my understanding, and I do my best to surrender my will to it. Doing the next right thing has yet to fail me, and while I still have a long way to go in my recovery, I would not trade this feeling for the world. I thank The Watershed and their staff for saving my life. This experience is the most valuable thing in my life, and I would not trade it for the world. If you are living in pain and fear, don’t waste another moment. The life of your wildest dreams is not such a dream after all.

Edward D., Clean & Sober since 12/04/2014

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