A Mothers Changed Son

My son is an addict who lied, stole and abused his family until he hit rock bottom and everyone turned their backs on him.  At this point he realized that he needed to get help for his addiction, he knew that if he did not he would not survive.  In desperation he found The Watershed and asked me to help him get help.  The Watershed called me and explained everything very clearly; they helped me get my son on a plane to Florida and stayed in touch with both myself and my son who was a mess due to withdrawals from not having any drugs.  The Watershed called me when my son arrived and they let me talk to him before he was admitted for treatment.  I was kept informed through the whole process and they always were there if I had questions.  The process that my son went through while in The Watershed’s Treatment facility was unbelievable.  You could hear a change in my son’s voice every time we talked.  I was invited to go to family weekend and even though it was a fourteen hour drive both ways I felt that I needed to learn and grow also so that I could be a part of my son’s recovery.  I cannot express enough how much I learned at family weekend about myself and what role I would play in my sons continued recovery process and what I learned about my son and his addiction.  My being there completely opened my eyes to what this addiction did to my son and what role I had been playing to enable my son’s addiction.

My son has been clean for one year and eight months; it has not been easy, he has had major struggles, lost many friends due to addiction but the tools that The Watershed taught him helped him keep it together.  I am so proud of my son each and every day for choosing to be clean and working the program that The Watershed taught him and I am so very thankful to have my son back.  Without this treatment program I probably would have been burying my son a year and eight months ago.  I am very grateful for The Watershed and the treatment program that they have and for anyone looking for a treatment facility I would highly recommend The Watershed.

I am a proud mother of a recovering addict.

Melissa P. Mother of Maxwell S. Clean & Sober since 01/30/2014

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The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

I’ve been a place where no man or woman, should want to dwell. A land where no one or nothing else matters, but your addiction. Everything there is lifeless. I’ve had a chance to get some recovery and to gain clarity. And sanity about my life and addiction. What I wanted to do about it and who can help me. And be willing enough to let go and let God do for me what I cannot do for myself. The Watershed has gone green. The Watershed is recycling lives and restoring families back together. The Watershed treats, heals, and teaches you about addictions and allergies. And how it affects you and your body, mind, and love ones. And the obsessions it holds over you. They teach you how to live. A new way of life, without the use of drugs. They teach you how to build your life over on a solid foundation.

Chris H. Clean & Sober since 06/20/2015

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