Extremely Blessed: A Families Journey

I am writing this for our son Joseph C. that started at The Watershed on 2-23-16 that was the best day of our lives. As parents watching our son suffering from the disease, it just broke our hearts. It also affected us in other different ways, we are blessed he completed a 53 day stay at The Watershed. Joseph came home on 4-15-16, as a whole different individual. He now has a sponsor, home group and also attending meetings every day. Also Joseph has a full-time job. We also attend Alanon meetings. We as parents take it one day at a time…. Once again we feel extremely blessed. Thank you for letting us share.

Bob -n – Phyllis C. Parents of Joseph C. Clean & Sober since 2/23/2016

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Mission Statement

My addiction brought me to very dark places. I wanted to die. I could not overcome the mental obsession to use. I went through treatment a countless number of times and still felt hopeless and defeated.

I finally surrendered and said enough was enough. I put every bit of effort I had into getting better. I became a believer in God and totally turned my will over. The mental obsession to use was lifted. I got a home group, a sponsor, and a great support network. Before I knew it I was doing service work, meeting new friends and working through the steps of AA. When I finished the steps I started sponsoring others and giving back the tools I acquired. The same tools that saved my life.

Now life is amazing. Everything I lost was given back tenfold. I love myself. I can finally live life and enjoy life free of the mental obsession to use. I am a walking miracle.


Jack R., Clean & Sober since 02/24/2015

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