I’m An Addict

My name is Amber and I’m an addict. Before coming The Watershed my life was utter chaos. Yeah I was able to work and do drugs, but I was never happy. I was always angry and everyone around me was on eggshells so they wouldn’t make me mad. I would always find something though. Since I’ve been at The Watershed I’ve learned how to deal with my anger and actually laugh again. I feel this peace within me that I’ve never had. I’ve worked things out with my family, and life feels good. Actually being able to feel life is not always easy, but I’m happier now then any of my drugs ever made me. I trust people more and feel so much love that I never knew could exist. My life changed for the better just by those few things that changed within me. I can’t say what tomorrow will bring but I look forward to it, which is something I’ve never done.

Amber S., Clean & Sober since 09/22/2014

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Highway to Hell

The Watershed ended up being the light at the end of my tunnel. I was on a fast path of self-destruction and one call to “The Shed” turned my highway to hell into a spiritual road to recovery that I never imagined. Step by step I am making positive changes in my life and starting to gain back everything I had once lost. Trust, responsibility, security, and most of all my sobriety. The decision to come to The Watershed was an easy one for me and even though we all struggle at times, the decision to stay and continue getting my life back on track is even easier. I am very grateful for this program and all the amazing people I have met within it.


Amanda H., Clean & Sober since 07/17/2014

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