From Relapse to Recovery

I had been in recovery from 2007-2011 for alcoholism.

I relapsed in 2011 & admitted myself into The Watershed April of 2011 after a 3 month relapse where I was mixing prescription Ativan with alcohol. I arrived at The Watershed with a blood pressure of only 60/40. The staff at The Watershed took great care of me as I was on the detox unit for almost 2 weeks then progressed to the other unit for the remainder of my stay.

I had another relapse shortly after rehab; however, I am sober today & have been since June 16th, 2011. I have definitely found freedom & happiness in my life today & any desire to drink or use is non-existent today!

Sobriety has given me a life. I am remarried & about to have my first child in 7 weeks! Never in a million years would I have ever imagined any of this would be possible!

Carrie G., Clean & Sober since 04/06/2011

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Freedom From Addiction

Before coming to The Watershed, my life was a disaster. I was using alcohol and drugs to make it through each day. I was in physical and emotional pain. Using alcohol and pills turned days into weeks, then months, and finally, years. My whole life was passing me by in a stupor. I was depressed and unhappy.

Then I called The Watershed. Everything changed. The Watershed has helped me begin a new journey…a sober life. I am growing emotionally and spiritually. I want to get up each morning. I am on medication to help me be the best I can. I am currently seeking employment and I want to work. Overall, I am present each and every moment of the day, and several times each day I find myself smiling, even happy. What a miracle!

Melanie M., Clean & Sober since 09/27/2014


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