A Progressive Disease

Hello, my name is Paul and I’ve been in and out of recovery for quite some time now. The first time entering rehab I acquired some knowledge on recovery but that is about all I did. I stayed for 2 months without working a program and I went home thinking all would be good. Surely not the case! I started out just doing drugs on the weekends and just occasionally and, of course, since this is a progressive disease it brought me to my knees pretty quickly. So I ended up back in treatment at the Watershed. This time I felt a little differently about the way I was going to do things and decided to give these steps a shot. I found a good sponsor, Andrew. The way we met was in a meeting I was wearing a Baltimore Ravens hoodie and he said nice hoodie so long story short I started working the steps with him. I was doing fairly well but I still feel I didn’t put my all into it. I paid for it! I relapsed and had to go through the whole program again. I decided to really, truly dig in. So I did. I took all the suggestions, prayed, meditated and decided to leave it up to my higher power to decide were I was going in life. I think the one thing that helped me the most in my recovery is helping others. Selfishness was the route of all my troubles. I currently reside in The Watershed ¾ house and found a sponsee. I realize complacency is what lead me to my relapse the second time so I know I have to continue to reach out and help other people no matter what. I have a great home group with people to hold me accountable. I learn something new everyday about things to maintain in my recovery and just keep building off of my cornerstone which is God. MAY I DO HIS WILL ALWAYS.

Paul C.

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I’m An Addict

My name is Amber and I’m an addict. Before coming The Watershed my life was utter chaos. Yeah I was able to work and do drugs, but I was never happy. I was always angry and everyone around me was on eggshells so they wouldn’t make me mad. I would always find something though. Since I’ve been at The Watershed I’ve learned how to deal with my anger and actually laugh again. I feel this peace within me that I’ve never had. I’ve worked things out with my family, and life feels good. Actually being able to feel life is not always easy, but I’m happier now then any of my drugs ever made me. I trust people more and feel so much love that I never knew could exist. My life changed for the better just by those few things that changed within me. I can’t say what tomorrow will bring but I look forward to it, which is something I’ve never done.

Amber S., Clean & Sober since 09/22/2014

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