A New Beginning

Before The Watershed my life was in disarray. I had no direction I was burring my head in the sand and hiding not only from the world but my problems.

My time at the watershed was very pleasant. The food was awesome, the staff was great, and learned a lot about my disease.

After my ten days at The Watershed life seemed to have not only more value but also things taste better I could smell better. I felt raw emotion good bad or indifferent. I’m now doing intensive out patient therapy. I’m working full time. I have 45 days clean. It’s the most sobriety I have ever had in my life and my girlfriend and I are expecting my first born any day. Thank you for letting me get my life back!

Aaron H., Clean & Sober since 07/08/2014

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10 Years & Still Growing

On October 8, 2004 I crossed the threshold of the carved entrance door to The Watershed facility outside of Houston.  Approximately four weeks later I walked out of that facility not only clean and sober, but with a set of keys given to me by the team of medical, staff and professional personnel. Today more than ever I remain convinced that I could not have stayed sober on my own, nor been able to accomplish my personal and professional successes ten years later.

A new personal life, new friendships made, spiritual growth, and professional academic recognition far surpassed my wildest anticipation or greatest dreams.  Never during my drinking years could I have ever achieved the personal rewards that I have found; nor was I capable of sharing the knowledge of who I was with another alcoholic to give them whatever I could, to find the same opportunities that life holds for each of us.  None of that would have happened without Watershed. For that, I am forever grateful.

Ken G., Clean & Sober since 10/08/2004

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